External Cavity Laser Kit

Unfortunately, the ECLK is not currently available for sale. An updated version with improved performance is currently under development and is expected to become available in Q3 2024. Stay tuned or contact us directly for more information.


External Cavity Laser KitAlpes Lasers’ line of External Cavity Laser Kits (ECLK) is designed for single-mode operation with wide spectral tunability. The ECLK consists of a quantum cascade laser (QCL) gain chip, a grating-tuned extended optical cavity in Littrow configuration, laser drive electronics, an Alpes Lasers TC-3 temperature controller, and a graphical user interface software.


The ECLK is compatible with the Alpes Lasers line of Broad Gain QCLs which tune over up to 25% of their center wavelength. The gain medium is prepared in form of antireflection (AR) coated Fabry-Perot cavity, soldered to an aluminium nitride submount and to a copper carrier. The temperature is actively regulated by a heatsink assembly that includes a thermoelectric element and water cooling for improved heat dissipation.

The graph below showcases the range covered by different chips that can be used in the ECLK system in dotted lines and the direct emission range in full lines. The bottom row shows a series of chips that can be used to cover the entire range, and over these other chips may be used to reach a particular range better.

Available Wavelength Ranges
Available Wavelength Ranges

The following table lists the specific performance of the Broad Gain lasers shown in pulsed mode (expect BG-3.2-3.6 which operates CW). Only the tuning range and minimum power over the tuning range are part of the specification; the typical tuning curve is shown as an example and each laser will have a different tuning curve. The average power will vary over the tuning range and will will exceed the minimum value at its optimal point by a large amount but this maximum value can vary from laser to laser.

LaserTuning fromTuning
Min. Power over rangeTypical tuning curve
New! ICL BG-3.2-3.6
<2820 cm-1
>3070 cm-1
>2 mW

BG-3.2-3.6 Spectrum


(Currently unavailable, expected availability Q3 2024)

<1970 cm-1
>2230 cm-1
>4 mW
BG4.4-5.2 Typical Spectrum
<1660 cm-1
>1930 cm-1
>5 mW

BG-5.1-6.1 Typical Spectrum

<1635 cm-1
>1780 cm-1

<1375 cm-1
>1615 cm-1

<1380 cm-1
>1595 cm-1

<1160 cm-1
>1395 cm-1

<1060 cm-1
>1320 cm-1

BG-7.4-9.7 Typical Spectrum

<1010 cm-1
>1345 cm-1


<830 cm-1
>1015 cm-1

<795 cm-1
>1000 cm-1

BG-9.7-13.1 Typical Spectrum

<760 cm-1
>900 cm-1

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Furthermore, standard Fabry-Perot lasers with a narrower gain can also be compatible with the ECLK. You can see here a small subset of the performances available. For performances at other wavelengths, write to us to request testing!

LaserTuning fromTuning
Min. Power over rangeTypical tuning curve
<2145 cm-1
>2285 cm-1

<2160 cm-1
>2210 cm-1

<1640 cm-1
>1670 cm-1

<1545 cm-1
>1645 cm-1

<1545 cm-1
>1600 cm-1

<1320 cm-1
>1410 cm-1

<1320 cm-1
>1380 cm-1

<1085 cm-1
>1125 cm-1

<1085 cm-1
>1105 cm-1

The laser is driven by an integrated Alpes Lasers S-2 pulsed driver. The graphical user interface allows for automatic wavelength tuning. The kit is delivered pre-aligned and ready to use. Additional gain chips with different wavelength coverage and/or output power can be purchased from Alpes Lasers and installed in the instrument by the user. In the case of purchasing a gain medium only, initial alignment and calibration steps are necessary; these steps are summarized in the ECLK User Manual. Characterization data is supplied with every kit and gain medium. Some typical available performances are shown in the table above.

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