External Cavity Laser Kit

External Cavity Laser Kit ECLK Alpes Lasers’ line of External Cavity Laser Kits (ECLK) is designed for single-mode operation with wide spectral tunability. The ECLK consists of a quantum cascade laser (QCL) gain chip, a grating-tuned extended optical cavity in Littrow configuration, laser drive electronics, an Alpes Lasers TC-3 temperature controller, and a graphical user interface software. […]

Room Temperature Pulsed Broad Gain Laser for EC

Chip on AN3U submount

Room Temperature Pulsed Broad Gain Laser for ECRT-P-BG-QCL Multimode lasers such the Room Temperature Continuous Wave Broad Gain Illuminator can be used in an External Cavity to provide single-mode operation with a broad tunability. You can read more here about Alpes’ External Cavity Laser Kit (ECLK). The following table lists the specific performance of the Broad Gain lasers […]