Room Temperature Pulsed Single Mode Lasers

Chip on AN3U submount
Chip on AN3U submount

In a Single Mode Laser, a grating is etched into the active region to force the operation of the laser at very specific wavelength determined by the grating periodicity. As a result, the laser emits on a single spectral setting which may be adjusted slightly by changing the temperature of the active region.

Pulsed Single-Mode Lasers driver with current pulses of duration in the range 20-1000 ns and a duty cycle typically of 2%. They can be tuned within a range that can reach up to 10 cm-1; there exists a variety of modulation schemes which can be used for different purposes. P-DFB lasers are mostly used for spectroscopy.


The performances of the lasers shown on this list are as measured directly from the submount. The
performances can improve after encapsulation in TO3 or HHL housing. Orders are made on specification and not with a specific serial number; please make certain to specify your requirements in your requests.