Laser Laboratory Housing


The LLH is the perfect housing for research applications. With easy laser exchange and compatibility with Alpes Lasers’ Starter Kit, it is the most versatile housing available.

  • Peltier cooled laser-stage inside, minimal temperature <-30°C
  • Laser power supply by low impedance line from LDD100
  • Anti Reflection Coated (3.5 to 12 µm) ZnSe window.
  • Exchangeable laser sub mount (NS or ST).
  • Direct voltage measurement on the laser connection, AC coupled.
  • Pt100 temperature measurement.
  • Needs air or water cooling (water tubing not included)
  • Temperature stabilisation, compatible with TC-3
  • Can support both CW and pulsed lasers
  • Size: 10cm x 5cm x 5cm
  • Pin connectors
  • lead time 6 weeks
You can buy it now directly on the Alpes Lasers Web Store
Alpes Lasers Web Store
Alpes Lasers Web Store