High Power Lasers

High Power Sources have a minimum average power of 1W and more than 9W of peak power. Available in a collimated HHL package with a dedicated driver, these lasers can be used for free-space optical communications, energy deposition, illumination and IR countermeasures.

High Power lasers are currently available at the following central wavelengths with minimum average power of 1W:

  • 3.95 μm
  • 4.55 μm
  • 4.65 μm
  • 4.90 μm
  • 9.70 μm
In addition, for the wavelength of 4.65 μm we can guarantee a minimum average power of 1.5W when required!

Other wavelengths are also available with lower power, please write to us with any enquiry.

High Power Laser as sold with OEM S-2 pulser
You can download here a sample datasheet of 9.7 μm High Power Laser.