High Power Lasers

High Power LasersRT-HP-FP-QCL High Power Sources have a minimum average power of 1W and more than 9W of peak power. Available in a collimated HHL package with a dedicated driver, these lasers can be used for free-space optical communications, energy deposition, illumination and IR countermeasures. High Power lasers are currently available at the following central […]

High Peak Power Laser

High Peak Power Laser RT-HPP-FP-QCL Alpes Lasers introduces its new high peak power sources. Based on a unique gain-guided design, these Quantum Cascade Lasers are optimized for emitting short pulses from 20 ns to 1000 ns with minimum peak power of 20 W, or ~5 microjoules per pulse. Available on submount or in a HHL […]