S-4 CW Driver

High Compliance CW Driver for Quantum Cascade Lasers

S-4 CW Driver
S-4 CW Driver

The S-4 High Compliance CW driver is compatible with QCL or ICL lasers from Alpes Lasers and is available either as a standalone driver or within a Kit combined the TC-3 Temperature controller, lasers and cables to constitue a complete light emitting source.

Product Brochure
User Manual and Product Specifications

The S-4 CW Driver is available in 4 different models with respective maximum currents of 500 mA, 1A, 1.5A or 2A. In all cases the driver offered in a quotation will be compatible with the lasers offered in the same quotation, but should you require a higher maximum current it is possible to request it.


You can buy this product directly on the Alpes Lasers Web Store!

If necessary you can find here copies of the current firmware updates for the S-4 drivers. You will also receive copies of the necessary software on a USB key with your purchase.