S-3 High Power Pulse Generator

S-3 High Power Pulse Generator The S-3 High Power Pulse Generator is designed to drive devices requiring short or long pulses of high current with a non-linear response, including optical devices such as high power quantum cascade lasers, infrared laser diodes, LEDs or electronic devices such as Gunn diodes or high speeds transistors and rectifiers.  The S-3 […]

S-2 QCL Pulser

S-2 QCL Pulser The S-2 QCL Pulser is designed to provide fast, high impedance current pulses to non-linear current driven devices such as quantum cascade lasers. The generated pulses have a rise time between 5 and 15 ns.  The S-2 pulser is controlled directly through a computer terminal when the S-2 is connected by a […]

CW Laser driver

CW Laser driverLDX-3232 Drivers for CW laser must be high compliance drivers with 4A/15V output. Some specific lasers can be handled with a smaller current output. Alpes Lasers distributes and recommends the LDX-3232 High Compliance Quantum Cascade Laser Diode Driver. See related products: