S-2 QCL Pulser

Warning! A recently discovered bug in the S-2m pulser may trigger unwanted behaviour if the pulser is quickly rebooted after a power failure. In order to operate the system safely, you should always wait at least 30 seconds after a power failure or shutdown before you start the pulser again. An updated software will be forthcoming to fix this issue.

S-2m QCL Pulser
S-2m QCL Pulser

The S-2m QCL Pulser is designed to provide fast, high impedance current pulses to non-linear current driven devices such as quantum cascade lasers. The generated pulses have a rise time between 5 and 15 ns. 

The S-2m pulser is controlled directly through a computer terminal when the S-2m is connected by a serial or USB cable. You will need a driver to operate the pulser, the driver can be dowloaded here: S-2m Driver Software.

Product Brochure
User Manual and Product Specifications

If you purchased a driver prior to July 2022 an older version of the software may be needed, please write to us with the serial number of your driver for more information.

If your computer does not recognize the USB-RS 232 converter, you can find a driver here; most computers should recognize the converter without a specific installation.

If you wish to control the driver through direct Python commands, you can find more information in §5.2 of the S-2m User Manual

S-2 Pulser Specifications 
Max. Repetition Rate1 MHz
Pulse Width10ns to CW in 10 ns increment
Max Output Voltage25V
Voltage Setting Resolution10 mV
Current Measurement Resolution1 mA
Max. Current Output8 A peak, 3 A average
Output Voltage Modulation Bandwidth1 kHz
Input Voltage9-28V
Power Supply (included)18V/40W
Rise/Fall time5-15 ns
Overcurrent Protectionincluded

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