Laser safety Goggles

LSG1Alpes Lasers products are components that may be integrated into a full system. Alpes recommends that the users should be familiar with their local rules and regulations as they are responsible for laser safety. Results may vary depending on the electronics and optics used with the laser chip. The guidelines below are only provided for general information.

According to the EN207/208 European Directive for CW lasers emitting between 1.4 µm and 1000 µm, the maximal power density for exposure without eye protection is 100 mW/cm^2. For our collimated devices (HHL and TO-3) used with no additional optics, laser safety goggles should be used when the average power exceeds 9.6 mW. Direct illumination of the eye and/or skin should in any case be avoided.

Alpes Lasers offers Laser Safety Goggles in two models. The LSG1 (shown in picture) is suitable for people not wearing glassed while the LSG2 is suitable to be worn over a pair of corrective glasses.  Both models provide 6+ OD in the mid-IR.

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