EU GRANT Active Project Discreet and continuous monitoring of human health.  VOCORDER objective is to create a tool designed for the discreet and continuous monitoring of human health. This involves the development and implementation of a system that can consistently assess, process, and analyze human breath. The key aim is to detect early indicators of […]


EU GRANT Active Project Portable multi-gases analyzer based on QCL source NETHELIX project is a visionary undertaking aimed at revolutionizing the mining sector thanks to its real-life settings a toolbox of new technologies for automating and streamlining the extraction process. These technologies will make use of mining and waste deposit processing methods, maximizing efficiency, reducing […]


EU GRANT Active Project Laser weeding with based on high-power multi-QCL source There is an urgent need to move towards sustainable weed management strategies. Agroecology offers a unique approach & seeks to transform food & agriculture systems, providing long-term solutions. Weeds are expected to become more difficult to reliably control with herbicides under increasing CO2 […]


EU GRANTS Active Projects M3NIR project Integrated, Modular, Multisensing, Mid- and Near- IR sensingplatform M3NIR (Integrated, Modular, Multisensing, Mid- and Near- IR sensingplatform) project with the aim to develop innovative photonics-basedsensing approaches has started on 1 st of January 2023. The internationalconsortium of 13 partners from all over Europe plans to boost significantlysensing technology in terms […]


SOMMA project Sensor Optical Multi-purpose Mid-IR Applications This project has the scope to develop a multipurpose sensing platform based on broadly tunable laser sources QCL-XT developed by Alpes in the Mid-IR range.    These sensors will initially target two main applications within the project consortium, i.e. continuous monitoring of CF4 emissions in presence of CH4 […]


PETRA project PETRochemical Analyzer The project seeks to develop a prototype instrument for optical on-line analysis in petrochemical process streams. It will quantify percent-level composition of hydrocarbon mixtures and detect trace-level (parts-per-million) contaminants in an ethylene matrix. Such a product will replace high-maintenance chromatographs.   The result of the project is the development of laser […]


MIRIFISENS project Mid InfraRed Innovative lasers For Improved SENSor of hazardous substances The mid-infrared (MIR) region is emerging as the favourite wavelength band for a number of applications, including high sensitivity trace detection, chemical emission monitoring, process control, and biological sensing applications. An efficient way to get precise and reliable information is to rely on […]


ACCORDS project Active Coherent Remote Dispersion Spectrometer An ultra-sensitive and selective laser-based multi-species gas sensor will be developed for open path detection of methane, ethane, and hydrogen sulphide leaks from oil and gas extraction and oil refinery sites. The sensor will rely on the Chirped Laser Dispersion Spectroscopy (CLaDS) technique in the mid-infrared (mid-IR) spectral […]


WATERSPY project High sensitivity, portable photonic device for pervasive water quality analysis WaterSpy will develop water quality detection photonics technology suitable for online, field measurements, operating in the 6-10 μm region. The solution is based on the combined use of advanced, tuneable Quantum Cascade Lasers supplied by Alpes Lasers and fibre-coupled, fast & sensitive Higher […]


CODE ReFARM project Consumer-driven demands to reframe farming systems Non-intensive farming, with low inputs of energy and chemicals can contribute towards maintaining biodiversity in traditional landscapes, has less pollution than intensive farming and can be better for farm animal welfare.    However, these farming systems often struggle economically in competition with modern intensive farming methods. […]