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Discreet and continuous monitoring of human health. 


VOCORDER objective is to create a tool designed for the discreet and continuous monitoring of human health. This involves the development and implementation of a system that can consistently assess, process, and analyze human breath. The key aim is to detect early indicators of diseases, thereby facilitating timely and proactive healthcare interventions.

VOCORDER aims to create a paradigm shift in healthcare monitoring by developing a portable device for continuous assessment of health through breath analysis.

Our mission is to make health monitoring seamless and non-intrusive, empowering individuals and healthcare professionals with real-time data and proactive health management.

Our vision is to make continuous health monitoring a part of everyday life, helping in early disease detection and management. We are on a mission to create accessible, easy-to-use technology that integrates seamlessly into daily routines.



Funding programme type: Horizon Europe

Grant reference #: 101115442

Website: VOCORDER project

  • Metis Baltik
  • Argos
  • Aideas
  • Cailabs
  • Eulambia
  • Vrije Universiteit Brussels
  • Neuraltech
  • ICCS
  • ETH Zürich
  • EMPA
  • ALPES LASERS SA, Switzerland

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