Shock and Vibration Testing

Shock and Vibration Testing Alpes Lasers SA offers a service of shock and vibration testing. Originally designed for qualifying laser devices to the MIL-STD-810H defense standard, the same tests can be applied to a variety of different products. Key Features Random Vibrations Sawtooth Shocks Halfsine Shocks  In order to adapt your product to the test chamber, […]

Custom product development

Custom Product Development For some applications, stock material will simply not do in terms of specifications or numbers available. In that case, we are ready to consider development projects; either to build a one-off item or to start a new series of products in collaboration with you. Various financing options are possible, from a NRE […]

ICL-based External Cavities

Alpes Lasers now offers Broad Gain Interband Cascade Laser (ICL) chips for use in External cavity systems. ICLs allow emission at shorter wavelengths than traditional QCLs, many of which are particularly interesting for hydrocarbon detection. The initially offered chip covers the range 3.2-3.6 μm (2820-3070 cm-1) which contains strong absorption lines for CH4, C2H6, HCl and CH2O (formaldehyde).Contact us at for more information!

Phosphine on Venus

Phosphine (PH3) – a possible biosignature on rocky planets – was detected in significant quantities in Venus’ atmosphere. With absorption spectra in the mid-IR, Alpes Lasers QCLs are uniquely suited for measuring phosphine even at extremely low concentrations. See how our QCLs have recently been used to measure PH3 concentrations.

High Power Lasers

High Power LasersRT-HP-FP-QCL High Power Sources have a minimum average power of 1W and more than 9W of peak power. Available in a collimated HHL package with a dedicated driver, these lasers can be used for free-space optical communications, energy deposition, illumination and IR countermeasures. High Power lasers are currently available at the following central […]