Fabry-Perot (FP) QCLs do not have an integrated optical grating to focus the power at only one wavelength. Therefore they emit multimode and over broad range that can cover more than 10% of the central emitting wavelength.

FP-QCLs can operate at room temperature. The emission is in the same wavelength range as  DFB QCLs. i.e. from 740cm-1 to 2390cm-1 with a similar threshold current and voltage. The variation of temperature has minimal influence on the emission bandwidth. This is mainly defined by the supplied current. FP-QCLs are well adapted when broad band emission is acceptable.  For example in liquid spectroscopy, high power emitting sources, when no signal purity is required or for using the QCL with external cavities.

Parameters that define a FP-QCL:
  •     the central wavelength is defined by the centroid of total emitted power
  •     the bandwidth is defined as the wavelength range where 99% of the power is emitted.
  •     for the same laser, the central wavelength and the bandwidth can change in function of the operating current and voltage
  •     the variation of the QCL temperature has minimal influence on the central wavelength and the bandwidth

A large selection of FP lasers are available in either pulsed or CW in our inventory.  Please submit your specification to us. This way we can suggest  the best QCL for you! 

You can also take a look at the following broad range of possibilities:

Type Min lasing Max lasing
RT-CW-FP-x-1000 985 1015
RT-CW-FP-x-1120 1095 1145
RT-CW-FP-x-1180 1150 1210
RT-CW-FP-x-1222 1200 1245
RT-CW-FP-x-1280 1250 1310
RT-CW-FP-x-1608 1580 1635
RT-CW-FP-x-1925 1880 1970
RT-CW-FP-x-2075 2040 2110
RT-CW-FP-x-2165 2095 2235
Note: All units in cm-1