Alpes Lasers offers two types of extended tuning devices, both of which allow rapid tuning at fixed temperature in a wider range than standard DFB lasers. The QC-ET allows fully continuous tuning over 0.4% of the central wavelength, while the QC-XT described here allows piece-wise continuous tuning over 2% of the central wavelength (40 cm-1 at 5 microns).

QC-XT Laser Sources are controlled by three independent current inputs. Two inputs control the front and back mirrors of the cavity (IF and IB).The laser itself is driven by the laser current IL and behaves as anormal DFB laser with the available range modified by the values of IF and IB.

N2O Spectroscopy using a QC-XT laser

By using different mirror configurations, the laser can be rapidly switched between different configurations, allowing rapid multi-point sampling and/or scanning. 

Key Benefits:
  • Wavelength and power independent control
  • Direct access to any wavelength
  • Extended tuning range at constant heat-sink temperature
  • Increased wavelength scanning span fully electrically (Increased electrical wavelength scan)
  • Possibility of arbitrary scanning scheme
  • DFB wavelength reproducibility
  • DFB linewidth and noise

To get more information about the QC-XT lasers you can read the following paper:

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