Custom Product Development

Vertical emitting space-qualified package
Vertical emitting space-qualified package as an example one-off project

For some applications, stock material will simply not do in terms of specifications or numbers available. In that case, we are ready to consider development projects; either to build a one-off item or to start a new series of products in collaboration with you. Various financing options are possible, from a NRE fee to exclusivity deals.

How to define your project

To help define a project, a maximum of information about what is desired is needed. Please  send us as much information as you can on the following subjects:

  • Central wavelength requested
  • Temperature of operation (laser)
  • Tuning range
  • Power at central wavelength
  • Minimum power over tuning range
  • Pulse duration
  • Duty cycle
  • Type of packaging
  • Collimation
  • Temperature of operation (packaging backside)