Packaging in HHL housing

Packaging in HHL housing   Packaging in HHL housing The HHL housing is a sealed collimated housing for CW or pulsed lasers. It is ideal for short-run integration and use in difficult environments. The HHL housing is much smaller than the LLH and is completely sealed. The HHL contains a Peltier junction and a NTC […]

Packaging in TO3 housing

Packaging in TO3 housing Pulsed lasers are available in TO3 cans, which are smaller and less power-intensive than the HHL packages. TO3 cans are sealed and the beam is collimated. Size : 38.8 mm x 25.4 mm x 20.5 mm Small-size, low dissipation for OEM applications Pulsed lasers or low-dissipation CW laser with < 3 […]


Submounts Laser chips from Alpes Lasers can be mounted on a variety of submounts. The drawing for each submount can be found below. The NS submount is a standard copper submount that can be mounted in a HHL or LLH housing or a variety of third party housings. The NS submount is typically attached mechanically […]

Laser Laboratory Housing

Laser Laboratory HousingLLH The LLH is the perfect housing for research applications. With easy laser exchange and compatibility with Alpes Lasers’ Starter Kit, it is the most versatile housing available. Peltier cooled laser-stage inside, minimal temperature <-30°C Laser power supply by low impedance line from LDD100 Anti Reflection Coated (3.5 to 12 µm) ZnSe window. […]

HHL Heatsink plate

HHL Heatsink plateHHL Heatsink The HHL Heatsink is a water-cooling circuit that can be used to mount the HHL and ensures it operates with ideal thermal performances. While the HHL can be mounted on third-party or proprietary heatsinks (including passive heatsinks) the performances are only guaranteed if the heatsink allows keeping the backplate at +20°C with a 0.1°C/W […]

Closed Cycle Cryostat

Closed Cycle CryostatStandalone THz System   The closed-cycle cryostat is a silent, portable, plug-in-the-wall, cryogenic-liquid free source of THz light powered by a Stirling engine. Dimensions : 200 x 250 x 350 mm  Weight: 17 Kg  Max. total power consumption: 300W  Cool-down time to operation ready (65K): 15 minutes  Minimum operation temperature – cold side: 65K Acoustic […]

Liquid Nitrogen Cryogenic Dewar

Liquid Nitrogen Cryogenic DewarLN2 Cryogenic System The LN2 Dewar keeps a QCL laser at a fixed 77 K temperature for 4 hours under usage and > 12 hrs otherwise. The laser itself is kept in a sealed compartment with connectors for the standard QCL Pulser. The laser cannot be changed. The LN2 does not allow […]

Liquid Nitrogen or Liquid Helium cryostat

Liquid Nitrogen or Liquid Helium cryostatLN2/LHe cryogenic system In the LN2/LHe cryostat, the temperature can be controlled from 10 K (when filled with liquid Helium) to room temperature. The laser itself sits on a cold finger wired to a connector for a standard QCL Pulser. A temperature controller is included.   See related products: