Shortwave Infrared Diode

Short Wave Infrared Laser Diodes are continuous wave, multiplenull longitudinal mode Fabry-Perot devices emitting light over a bandwidth of ~20 nm with output power up to 50 mW. They are offered either as chip-on-carrier or encapsulated in a low power TO-66 package with collimated or divergent free-space beam output.


Based on InP technology, Alpes SWIR Laser Diodes emission can be tailored in the range from 1.45-2.2 μm with each design having a bandwidth of ~20 nm. At this moment the following central wavelengths are available with a 8 weeks lead time:

Central Wavelength Max. Power
1450 nm 30 mW
1470 nm 50 mW
1550 nm 30 mW
1630 nm 50 mW
1650 nm 50 mW
1730 nm 30 mW
1740 nm 40 mW
1830 nm 50 mW
1890 nm 50 mW
2080 nm 20 mW
2100 nm 10 mW
2150 nm 50 mW
You can find here a datasheet of a prototype laser at 1890 nm.
Other wavelengths can be developed upon request, please write to us with any enquiry.