QOMBINA project

Quantum simulation and entanglement engineering in quantum cascade laser frequency combs

QCL-FCs have been marketed by ALPES for about two years. 

The market uptake, and their overall commercial success has been limited. Primary reasons for this have been identified as: high cost for the targeted markets, limited capability in wavelength customisation, limited performance of devices. The latter two points have been drastically enhanced by ALPES’ participation in QOMBS FET project (G.A. 820419), where the device’s design was analysed, optimised and iterated several times, until it was managed to produce novel devices with impressive performance, in previously unattainable wavelengths.

These new wavelength regions unlock the potential of previously untapped markets (i.e. medical domain), which can support the elevated cost of QCL-FCs. 

ALPES aims to redesign its QCL-FC commercialisation strategy, draft an elaborate business plan, and kick-start a targeted marketing campaign, to push the QCL-FCs to the market, and try to exploit this novel technology more efficiently.

Funding programme type: H2020

Call for proposals: FETOPEN-03-2018-2019-2020 – FET Innovation Launchpad

Grant reference #: Grant agreement ID 101035027

Duration: 12 months
Total budget: 100,000 €

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