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Phosphine on Venus

Phosphine (PH3) – a possible biosignature on rocky planets – was detected in significant quantities in Venus’ atmosphere. With absorption spectra in the mid-IR, Alpes Lasers QCLs are

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New Frequency Comb Lasers

Frequency Combs Lasers are now available centered around 6.02 μm, in the amine band, in addition to previously available comb lasers available around 7.95 μm. You

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Gas Sensing aboard drones

The small size and weight of quantum cascade lasers (only ~100 g for HHL housings) make them ideal candidates for integration into remote sensing devices. In this paper published

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Hydroptics project kick-off

Neuchâtel (Switzerland). EU funded project “Photonics sensing platform for process optimisation in the oil industry”, in short HYDROPTICS, had its official kick-off meeting on the 5thDecember

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