Installation and start-up demonstration

Worker in Laboratory

In order to start the systems as safely as possible, we propose this start-up service. The Quantum Cascade Lasers are devices behaving differently than standard diode lasers. Relative to these, the necessary current can be up to 100 times higher, the voltage also about five times higher, it generally operates in pulsed mode and exhibits roll over (i.e. saturation either thermal or electrical). It is obviously possible to limit oneself to the factory measured parameters and be safe, however, for demanding applications, the help of a specialist can allow to understand the trade-offs and get the most out of the device safely. Additionally, our specialist will start the system, demonstrate the light emission with a power meter and train one designated operator. This service is designed to give our customers a quick and painless start as well as an optimal handling of the components.

This service does not include transportation and accommodation costs for the specialist. This will be billed separately and if possible several customers will be visited during the same trip in order to reduce substantially the travel and accommodation costs. Finally, customers requesting this service will obtain in addition to the standard warranty a coverage for the customized handling procedures of the device if validated during the setup.