Cryogenic Single Mode Laser

Chip on AN3U submount
Chip on AN3U submount

In a Single Mode Laser, a grating is etched into the active region to force the operation of the laser at very specific wavelength determined by the grating periodicity. As a result, the laser emits on a single spectral setting which may be adjusted slightly by changing the temperature of the active region.

Cryogenic Lasers are these lasers which operate only at temperatures < -30°C, typically at liquid nitrogen temperatures. While modern lasers usually operate at room temperature, some specific wavelength ranges are only attainable at these cryogenic temperatures. Both Pulsed and CW chips are available.

The performances of the lasers shown on this list are as measured directly from the submount. Submounts can be installed either in an Alpes cryostat or a third party cryostat.