ACCORDS project

Active Coherent Remote Dispersion Spectrometer
An ultra-sensitive and selective laser-based multi-species gas sensor will be developed for open path detection of methane, ethane, and hydrogen sulphide leaks from oil and gas extraction and oil refinery sites. The sensor will rely on the Chirped Laser Dispersion Spectroscopy (CLaDS) technique in the mid-infrared (mid-IR) spectral region and utilize monolithic widely tunable Vernier-type Quantum Cascade Laser (QCLs) and high-bandwidth Mercury Cadmium Telluride (MCT) photodetectors.

Funding programme type: Eurostars

Grant reference #: 12309

Duration: 36 months

Total budget: 1,884,682 €

Website: ACCORDS project on ERA-LEARN


Alpes Lasers SA (CH), MIRICO (UK), Vigo System S.A. (PL)

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