BRoadband Interband Cascaded Source 

[EUROSTARS project]

The aim of this project is to develop the prototype of a tunable light source specifically adapted for ethanol, aldehydes and C1 to C9 hydrocarbon spectroscopy which will be suitable for integration in optical gas analyzers. The advantage of the laser based gas analyzers is that they allow for lower limit of detection and lower maintenance costs in comparison to Fourier transform infrared spectrometers (FTIRs) and gas chromatographs. For this application, a broadly tunable laser source in the 3-4 μm range provided by Alpes is needed for simultaneous detection of ethanol and aldehydes for the automotive and biogas industry where FTIRs are used, or of C1 to C9 hydrocarbon analyzers for the evaluation of the BTU of natural gas in the oil and gas industry. A prototype of a tunable laser source will be able to emit light over an at least 200 cm-1 wide spectral range centered around 3.3 μm ith a minimum 1 mW power output over the whole emission band. This product will be the first compact (3x3x1 cm), low power consumption, tunable laser source in this wavelength range to be developed. Thanks to its wide tunability, the developed laser source will cover the broad and overlapping absorption features of ethanol, formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, and C1 to C9 hydrocarbons and will thus allow systems based on it to quantify each molecule by spectral analysis.