Broadgain Illuminators

These lasers are Fabry-Pérot lasers designed for maximum width of the gain profile. They can be used as broad spectrum illuminators for spectroscopy or imaging. Combined with an anti-reflection coating, they are suitable for use in an external cavity to obtain a tunable laser with wide tuning range. Their wide and flat gain spectrum can also be suitable to develop frequency combs.

Broadgain Lasers are available in well-defined bands defined below. Test data is shown for operation as an illuminator devices; refer to the external cavity page for EC operation test data.

Spectral Range
BG-10-12780-1030 cm-1
BG-7.5-10.5990-1280 cm-1
BG-8-10995-1265 cm-1
BG-7-81150-1405 cm-1
BG-6-71345-1660 cm-1
BG-5-61660-1930 cm-1


The following graphs shows how a combination of different lasers can cover the whole range from 6 to 12 microns without gaps. The (normalized) spectra shown have been taken using free running uncoated broad gain lasers corresponding to the BG-6-7, BG-7-8, BG-8-10 and BG-10-12 outlined above. The spectral envelope is due to a combination of FP mode competition and atmospheric absorption.