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Off The Shelf Lasers

Off-the-shelf Quantum Cascade Lasers Alpes Lasers offers a series of off-the-shelf lasers. The Lasers are standard lasers taken from some of our most popular products.

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EU GRANT Active Project Systematic autonomous remote surveying of underwater cultural heritage monuments and artifacts using non-destructive, cost-effective and transportable digital solutions NERITES project provides

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EU GRANT Active Project Discreet and continuous monitoring of human health.  VOCORDER objective is to create a tool designed for the discreet and continuous monitoring

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EU GRANT Active Project Portable multi-gases analyzer based on QCL source NETHELIX project is a visionary undertaking aimed at revolutionizing the mining sector thanks to

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EU GRANT Active Project Laser weeding with based on high-power multi-QCL source There is an urgent need to move towards sustainable weed management strategies. Agroecology

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