Quantum Cascade Lasers

External Cavity

Alpes Lasers introduces a new External Cavity Laser Kit (ECLK)  designed for single-mode operation with wide spectral tunability. The ECLK consists of a quantum cascade laser (QCL) gain chip, a grating-tuned extended optical cavity in Littrow configuration, laser drive electronics, an Alpes Lasers TC-3 temperature controller, and a graphical user interface software.

The ECLK is compatible with the Alpes Lasers line of Broad Gain QCLs which tune over up to 25% of their center wavelength. The laser is driven by an integrated Alpes Lasers S-2 pulsed driver. The graphical user interface allows for automatic wavelength tuning. The kit is delivered pre-aligned and ready to use. read more

QCL for breath analysis

In this paper published recently in the Photonics journal, quantum cascade lasers from Alpes Lasers are used in a new method to measure liver function in patients by analyzing their breath in real time, allowing a reduction of mortality rates by more than 70% in laser resections.
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You can find more information about Alpes’ new QC-ET and QC-XT extended tuning QCL products by reading these papers published in November 2015:
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New Address

Alpes Lasers has a new adress! Our new offices are located in

Avenue des Pâquiers 1, 2072 St-Blaise, Switzerland

Be sure to update your files.

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