Quantum Cascade Lasers

Low Dissipation Lasers

Among the wide offering of lasers from Alpes Lasers, some stand out for their particularly low energy dissipation. For example, these lasers with less than 1W of total dissipation are immediately available:

Wavelength of interest
1900 cm-1
1900 cm-1
1900 cm-1
2209 cm-1
2226 cm-1
2325 cm-1

Other wavelengths are also available with low dissipation; be sure to contact us with any inquiry!

These lasers are particularly interesting for applications in harsh thermal environments or for applications where high electrical power is not readily available.

In a recently published Optics Express article, the Alpes development team discusses the research that was required to develop such low-dissipation lasers, and in particular the optimization of facet reflectivity which allowed both low-dissipation and high-power lasers to be produced from the same underlying material.
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Careers at Alpes

Alpes Lasers is currently looking for a Laser Scientist, an Optical Engineer and a Product Development Engineer.
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DSS 2015

Meet us at Booth #538 at the SPIE DSS expo in Baltimore from April 21st to April 23rd!
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Two New Product Lines

Alpes Lasers SA introduces two new product lines to its line-up of Quantum Cascade Lasers. All are available in High Heat Load housing with collimated output and can be accompanied by appropriate drivers for optimal usage.

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