Quantum Cascade Lasers

Intermittent CW modulation

A new modulation scheme has been developed in collaboration between Alpes Lasers and Air Pollution /  Environmental Technology group of EMPA. read more


In celebration of the 20 years of the QCL event which will take place on January 16th and 17th in ETH Zürich, we present a short demonstrational video which showcases what happens optically, electrically and thermally in a QCL when under increasing bias.

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New lasers

A total of 101 new laser datasheets have been published today, covering various wavelengths of interest, in particular the commonly used wavelengths 1350 cm-1, 1900 cm-1, 2190 cm-1 and 2311 cm-1. 
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Alpes Lasers regularly welcomes students for internships on its premises. If you are interested in an internship, contact us read more