Quantum Cascade Lasers

Frequency Combs Lasers

Frequency Comb Quantum Cascade Lasers are devices emitting light on a wide spectrum consisting of equidistant peaks in frequency space. The distance between these peaks being fixed, typically given by the pulse repetition rate of a train of ultrashort pulses, they can be used as rulers in the frequency domain for Frequency Comb Spectroscopy.

In the mid-infrared range, Quantum Cascade Lasers with specifically engineered optical dispersion have been shown to emit broad and powerful optical frequency combs. As for ultrashort-pulse lasers, the mode spacing of QCL combs is given by cavity length. However, in the case of QCLs, the periodic modulation in the time-domain is of the FM, not AM, type and the output power is constant.

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Frequency Comb Quantum Cascade Lasers are now available from Alpes Lasers at central wavelengths of 7.95 microns with an Optical Frequency Span of 60 cm-1. Write to us for more detail and get them for your lab!

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High Peak Power Source

Alpes Lasers introduces its new high peak power sources. Based on a unique gain-guided design, these Quantum Cascade Lasers are optimized for emitting short pulses from 20 ns to 1000 ns with minimum peak power of 20 W, or ~5 microjoules per pulse. 
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Laser World 2017

Come and meet us at Halle A2, Stand 300 at the LASER World of Photonics 2017 exhibition in Munich from June 26th to 29th!
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Alpes Lasers announces its collaboration in the WaterSpy partnership read more