Quantum Cascade Lasers

Intermittent CW driver

The ICW driver is dedicated to the usage of a QCL laser using the ICW modulation scheme which allows one to perform spectroscopy with slow detectors while using lasers at low duty cycle.

This scheme can be implemented with the new ICW driver developed specifically for this application and now available for loan or purchase.

This scheme was developped in collaboration with the Air Pollution /  Environmental Technology group of EMPA. More information and details can be found in the paper published here.

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Recent applications of QCLs

We present two recent new applications of Quantum Cascade Lasers that have been recently published.

In the first paper published in Nature Communications, a team from ETH Zürich has used two AL broad gains lasers in frequency comb operation to perform dual-comb spectroscopy in the mid-infrared.
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Laser Safety

Alpes now offers laser safety goggles with 7+ OD protection in the mid-IR.
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Intermittent CW modulation

A new modulation scheme has been developed in collaboration between Alpes Lasers and Air Pollution /  Environmental Technology group of EMPA. read more