Alpes Lasers SA is a Swiss company specialized in the development and fabrication of advanced light sources in the infrared (IR) spectral range. Our company was founded 24 years ago and was the first company in the world to commercialize Quantum Cascade Lasers. These lasers are becoming increasingly important in gas sensing applications based on IR spectroscopy as they can be designed to target many molecular absorption lines.

Our company services, sells, fabricates and develops external cavity tunable devices based on its Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) technology as a segment of the multiplicity of products being offered. This product integrates mechanical parts, electromechanical parts such as voice coil, optics parts such as lenses, mirrors and gratings as well as QCL gain material.


If you want to participate to the next breakthrough idea with our company, please send us your resumé and a motivation letter at

Your role :

Answering directly to the management of the company, you will be responsible for the management of a set of product lines centered around external cavity systems developed internally. You will receive requirements directly from sales and will need to manage inventory, parts supply, fabrication and fabrication oversight as well as repair. This is a one person show starting with requests, assembly, alignment, validation, shipment and repair. The mission can develop into a multi-product activity with multiple subordinates and/or external suppliers.

Your activities in details:

    • Sales and customer support, RMA management;
    • Fabrication management, scheduling, purchasing, supply, execution and later supervision;
    • Master the entire product in order to be the resource for technical support, our R&D department will act as ultimate support in the long run and as source of knowledge in the beginning;
    • Establish the fabrication of the product first by making it oneself and later using internal and or external resources;
    • Collaborate with R&D for implementing changes or developing improved or modified versions.

Your profile:

    • HES or EPF degree in photonics, mechanics, microtechnology or equivalent;
    • Experience and interest in hands-on work;
    • Experience in planning, project management and fabrication economics;
    • Knowledge of industrial fabrication and constraints;
    • Good communication skills in heterogeneous environment;
    • English level B2;

This position is based in St-Blaise, Switzerland.